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Join me on how a chance encounter led to The CTS being born.

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Since leaving school, I have been fortunate enough that my career is in the health and fitness industry and it spans for 31 years. Initially I studied fitness and nutrition and delivered fitness classes and personal training. Excitingly it progressed to teaching at large scale fitness events which attracted thousands of people. This led to being offered a role as a gym manager in at the time, the largest health club in the UK. My role included training the fitness staff and members. Our members included gold medal winning athletes and celebrities. It was a chance encounter with a reflexologist that changed my trajectory and ultimately led to The Complementary Therapy School being born. At a break time, I was chatting to a reflexologist who provided treatments in the health club. I mentioned I had Raynaud’s and she offered me reflexology treatments. I was completely hooked and found the treatments amazing! I went to my GP and told him my circulation had dramatically improved and my painful hands were gone. He advised me to try stop taking the medication. This was back in 1995 and I have not taken medication for Raynaud’s again! I qualified in reflexology and massage and as they say, the rest is history! Initially as a complementary therapist, I set up therapy clinics within large companies in London and provided treatments as a wellbeing package for their staff. The response was so positive, within a short space of time, I recruited other complementary therapists and we were delivering our treatments within many companies. I always have a thirst for knowledge and believe that we never stop learning.

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The Complementary side amazed me, as it continues to do so, but I wanted to learn about conventional medicine. I studied biomedical science at university with the intention of becoming a GP.  I found learning about the body at a very in-depth level, right down to the cellular structure extremely interesting.  I was very proud to win the Young Award for outstanding academic achievement in biomedical science. However, my heart was calling back to complementary therapies where my true passion lies. I left university and The Complementary Therapy School was born in 2006. Due to my enhanced cellular and physiology study coupled with my passion of complementary therapies, I wanted to offer complementary therapy courses with a difference. In depth courses encompassing enhanced physiology study coupled with advanced techniques. Courses that were truly holistic in nature with a thorough consultation, enabling the therapist to understand their client more effectively. When you understand your client more effectively and understand how some medications act in the body, you can tailor a treatment much more effectively. I approached Napier University in 2012 with the courses that I had developed. I am immensely proud that we are the UK’s first and only private training provider that has been granted the status of being able to offer university credit rated reflexology and Swedish massage qualifications.  We now partner with the University of the West of Scotland. I am so grateful for winning the UK’s Most Inspirational Reflexology Tutor of the Year Awards. These awards were granted by our students nominating me directly to the body offering the awards. My therapy clients are from all walks of life. People with regular jobs to actors. I live and breathe wellness, enjoying therapies, running, yoga, nutrition, meditation and listening to wellbeing podcasts. Being part of a lovely community of therapists where we support each other is nurturing. I truly hope you will join me within the wonderful world of complementary therapies.  ❤️

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